How to choose the best wig density

How to choose the best wig density

There are some objective and subjective factors affecting how to choose the best wig density. Including different hair textures, hair lengths, seasons and personal preferences, etc.

We all know that the temperature changes with the seasons, and different seasons have different hair density choices. For example, winter is colder than summer, so it is better to wear thick hair in winter. On the contrary, it is best to wear a sparse wig in summer.
2、Hair length
For wigs such as 360 lace forehead wigs, it is best to choose a thin hair density. For example, a hair density of 180%. The hair density of a Bob wig will make people look thick and heavy.
3、 Personal preference
Different people have different feelings about the thickness of the wig, and you can choose the wig that makes you feel the most comfortable.
4、 Hair texture
Curly hair wigs look fuller and thicker than straight hair wigs. Therefore, when you decide to buy a classic straight hair wig, you can consider choosing a higher density wig.

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