Heatless Curling Rod Headband Set

$19.99 $25

1. The curling ribbon is made of cotton. It can be reused for a long time. And make your hair look and feel amazing.
2. Heatless curling ribbon aims to provide
a gentle curling method for your hair. Say goodbye to breaks and split
ends, and say hello to healthy hair.
3. A long enough hair clip can be tightly
fixed, very suitable for thick, sparse, curly or straight hair. The
rounded edges and smooth surface will not pull or damage the hair.
4. Wear the curling iron headband on your
head like a headband. You can curl it on the top, or fix one side with a
headband like a ponytail, and then wrap it on the other side of the
curling tape to dry or slightly wet hair, and use a headband to secure
the elastic band at the bottom. Make sure to wrap tightly and start from
the top of your head. It can stay for an hour or two during the day
when the hair is slightly wet, and can stay overnight when the hair is
slightly wet or dry.
5. These fashionable hair clips can be used in various occasions, such as birthday parties, banquets and daily wear.

Heating curling iron headband, lazy curler set.
Heating curler, suitable for most girls' hairstyles, reduce heat damage to hair.
Avoid tangled and messy hair.
Will not interfere with sleep when worn.

Product name: curling iron + 2pcs hair loops + 1pc clip
Product material: foam + plastic + cloth
Product size: 3x100cm
Product net weight: 55g
Product gross weight: 55g
Product packaging method: OPP packaging

Package included
1 x Curling Iron
2 x Hair Ties
1 x Clips

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